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SNU IEEE Society

IEEE society established in the year 2015 to enable students to explore other academic activities beyond their regular classroom learning.

IEEE SNUSB is established under the IEEE Region-10, Uttar Pradesh section, India. SNUSB consists of nearly 50 members (which includes Student, Graduate Student, Members and Senior Members).

Basic Information:

  • IEEE Geo-Code Shiv Nadar University Student Branch: STB17081
  • Establishment Date:  Approved by IEEE on 17th February 2015.
  • Student Branch (SB) Founding Chair: Naveenkumar Marati, PhD Research Scholar, Department of Electrical Engineering.
  • Student Branch (SB) Current Chairperson: Priyanka Mathur, PhD Research Scholar, Department of Electrical Engineering.
  • SB Counselor: Prof. Vijay Kumar Chakka, Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering.

IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) student branch affinity group Shiv Nadar University

  • IEEE Geo-code: SBA17081
  • Establishment Date:  Approved by IEEE on 4th February 2016.

Recent Happenings:

Spring 2020

  • To engage students in productive learning during quarantine SNU IEEE organized a 2-day online MATLAB Workshop for Beginners and was conducted by SNU IEEE Chairperson, Shaik Basheeruddin Shah (Ph.D. Scholar) on 25th-26th April 2020. Students gained hands-on experience on the applications of MATLAB in several domains.
  • The IEEE SNU Student Branch organized a webinar on Career Opportunities in Electric Vehicle(EV)  Powertrain by Decibels Lab Pvt on 29th May’ 2020. The webinar was hosted by Mr.Suraj S D, Founder & CEO of Decibels Lab Pvt Ltd. and emphasized on the topics of EV subsystems & development cycle with the detail of engineering activities, embedded development, testing, simulation, design, validation & more

Monsoon 2019:

  • The new core committee for the academic year was selected in August’ 2019.

Also, newly joined students were taken into the society followed by a series of interviews.

  • Interactive events “The Wire Buzz” and “Where is your bit?” were conducted as a part of Serotonia, The Club Fair for encouraging student participation and awareness about IEEE SNU Student Branch.
  • SNU IEEE students have attended the Live Authorship Workshop organized by IEEE at Amity University in Noida on 12th September 2019. The keynote speech was on “How to Write a Quality Technical Paper and Where to Publish within IEEE” by Prof Gaurav Sharma.
  • On 16th of September 2019, Electrical Engineering Department and the IEEE SNU Student Branch have organized a VLSI Talk on the topic  “High speed integrated circuits and its challenges” by Dr. Aditya Dalakoti, Senior ASIC Designer at Continental AG. Students have gained valuable insights on Challenges of ICs and also career paths in major markets of 5G and Autonomous Driving.
  • World IEEE Day was celebrated by SNU IEEE Student Branch by organizing fun interactive activities to promote IEEE amongst student groups in the university.


Few Notable Participation and Recognitions to SNU IEEE Student Branch (At National/ International Events):

  1. IEEE SNU SB member Mr.Naveenkumar Marati is recognized as the member of IEEE India Council Student Activities Committee (SAC) – Industrial relations coordinator for the year 2017-18.
  2. IEEE SNU SB members (Mr.Naveenkumar Marati, Mr.Goli Srikant) participated in All India student, young professional and women in engineering congress-2016 (AISYWC-16).
  3. IEEE SNU SB members (Ms.Vijaya Meghana Chakka, Ms.Ekta Kapoor) participated in International student, WIE and young professional congress-2015 (Region-10 Asia Pacific).
  4. SNU Student branch participated in UPP mini project competition, India and got selected for final 12 projects throughout India. Got a cash award of 15000/- for developing the prototype.
  5. SNU Student branch conducted TI Anlogmaker-2015 competition at Shiv Nadar University with Texas Instruments (Edgate Technologies, India). Got Sponsorship of 5- Texas Instrument Watches as the first prize of worth 25000/-.
  6. SNU Student Branch participated in IEEE Programming League 2.0, and ranked overall 5th position across India in April 2016.
  7. SNU Student Branch participated in IEEE Programming contest IEEE Xtreme 2016.
  8. SNU student team has reached a Technical Quiz final conducted by IIIT Allahabad and UP section in 2016.

IEEE Student Branch Conducts Workshops in every semester.

Monsoon 2017:

  1. Orientation session conducted to the newly joined undergraduate students on IEEE Student Branch and its activities on 10th August 2017.
  2. A seminar talk by Dr. Gaurang Vakil (Asst. Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, University of Nottingham, UK.) on the topic  “Advancements of Electrical machines and its applications” on 17th August 2017.
  3. MATLAB is conducted during 23rd August to 25th August 2017. The number of participants for the workshop is 50 students (which includes PhD scholars from Physics and UG students). Delivered by Research Scholars (Naveenkumar Marati, Ashish Kushuwaha, Richards Joe S, Goli Srikanth, Basheeruddin Shah, Vinay Sharma).
  4. SNU IEEE has conducted World IEEE day on October 3rd, 2017 and a technical quiz was conducted for that day.

Spring 2016:

  1. MATLAB and Simulink workshop was organized on April 16th 2017.
  2. Gaming events were conducted at the carnival. Games include:

Remote Controlled Racing competition, Magnet-o-box, Live wire and Pinball

Meet The Team

Faculty Advisor
Naveen Kumar Marati (PhD Scholar)
Founding Chair
Priyanka Mathur (Ph.D. Scholar)
Manali Saini (Ph.D. Scholar)
Sai Jaswanth Seelam (ECE 3rd Year)
Vice Chair
Sanskar Tewatia (ECE, 3rd Year)
Samya Andra (ECE, 3rd Year)
Joint Secretary
Krishna Madhur (ECE, 2nd Year)
Associate Secretary 1
Ajitha Damera (CSE, 2nd Year)
Associate Secretary 2
Aaryan Bharadwaj (ECE, 1st Year)
Freshmen Co-ordinator
Niranjan Paruchuru, Aadhitiya VS (ECE, 4th Year)