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Signals and Systems

1. Classification and representation of signals and systems, Continuous time & Discrete time signals and systems, Impulse and Step response of a system, linear systems, linearity, time invariance, causality, signal properties -LTI systems, Convolution
2. Fourier series, Fourier transform and properties, relation between Fourier transform and Fourier series, Sampling and reconstruction, FFT, DIT FFT, DIF FFT Algorithm, Inverse DFT and Convolution using FFT
3. Laplace transforms- representation of signals using continuous time complex exponentials, relation of Laplace and Fourier transform, concept of ROC and transfer function- block diagram representation, Inverse Laplace transform, properties, analysis and characterization of LTI systems using Laplace transforms
4. Z transforms- representation of signals using discrete time complex exponentials-properties, inverse Z transforms, ROC, Analysis and characterization of LTI systems using Z transforms, block diagram, transfer functions
5. Introduction to random variable and random process, State space analysis, Introduction to Two port networks and parameters

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