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Communication Engineering

Review of Fourier series and Transform. Hilbert transform. Band pass signal and system representation. Noise: Resistor noise, Noise temperature, Noise bandwidth, effective input noise temperature, Noise figure. Noise figure & equivalent noise temperature in cascaded circuits. Random process: stationary, power spectral density, Gaussian process, noise. AM, DSBSC, SSB, VSB; Signal representation, generation, and demodulation. FM: signal representation, generation, and demodulation. Superheterodyne receiver, Mixer. Phase recovery with PLL. Noise in AM / FM : AM receivers using coherent detection, AM receivers using envelope detection, FM receivers. Pulse Modulation: PPM, PWM, PAM. PCM: sampling, PAM sampling, quantization, PCM -TDM. Basics of TDMA, FDMA, CDMA & GSM.

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