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Electromagnetic Engineering

Review of scalar and vector fields Electrostatic and Magneto static Fields. Maxwell’s equations: Inconsistency of Amperes law, Continuity equation, Displacement current, Maxwell’s equations, Boundary conditions. EM waves: Wave propagation in free space, Conductors and dielectrics, Polarization, Plane wave propagation in conducting and non-conducting media, Phasor notation, Phase velocity, Group velocity; Reflection at the surface of the conductive medium, Surface Impedance, Depth of penetration. Poynting Vector: Poynting theorem, Poynting Vectors and power loss in a plane conductor. Transmission Line: Transmission line equations, characteristic impedance, open and short circuited lines, standing wave and reflection losses. Impedance matching, Smith Chart, Simple and double stub matching. Antenna & radiation: Scalar and vector potentials. Radiation from a current filament, half-wave dipole and small loop antennas. Antenna characteristics, radiation pattern, radiation intensity, directivity and power gain. Introduction to Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

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