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Power Electronics

Theory (and related laboratory experiments) in the following broad topics

Power-Electronic Devices: Construction and characteristics of Power diode, Thyristor, TRIAC, MOSFET and IGBT.

Rectifiers (AC to DC converters): Study of single phase AC to DC controlled rectifier, three phase AC to DC controlled rectifier, application of AC to DC rectifiers in HVDC transmission and DC motor control.

Switched mode power supplies (DC to DC converters): Study of non-isolated buck, boost and buck-boost type DC to DC converters, Isolated DC to DC converters: forward converter and fly back converter.

Inverters (DC to AC converters): DC to single phase AC conversion, DC to three phase AC conversion, Different types of pole voltages, PWM Inverter, PWM techniques – Sine wave PWM (SPWM), hysteresis control based PWM, variable-voltage variable-frequency inverter application in AC motor drive.

AC to AC converters: phase angle control keeping frequency unchanged, AC chopper, cyclo-converter.

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