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Microwave Engineering

Introduction of Microwaves and their applications. Waveguides: Rectangular Waveguides, Solution of Wave equation in TE and TM modes. Power transmission and Power losses. Excitation of modes in Rectangular waveguides, circular waveguides: Basic idea of TE and TM modes, field patterns, TEM mode of propagation. Waveguide Components: Scattering matrix representation of networks, Rectangular cavity and circular cavity resonators. Waveguide Tees, Magic Tees. Hybrid rings. Waveguide corners, Bends and twists, Directional couplers, Circulators and isolators, Windows, Irises, tuning screws. Measurement: frequency, Wave length, VSWR, Impedance, power. Microwave Tubes: Klystron, Reflex Klystron, Magnetron, TWT, BWO: Their schematic, Principle of operation, performance characteristics and application. Semiconductor Devices: Construction, Operation and Practical applications of PIN diode, varactor and Tunnel diode, Gunn diode, IMPATT, TRAPTT diodes, Maser MIC: Introduction to microstrip lines, Parallel Striplines, Coplanar striplines, Shielded striplines, Slot lines, Transitions, Bends and Discontinuities.

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