Design of analog CMOS circuits | Department of Electrical Engineering

Design of analog CMOS circuits

• CMOS Fundamentals
MOS Device Physics, Design of MOS switch, MOS diode/ active resistor
• Amplifier Design
MOS amplifiers, Common-Source stage (with resistive load, diode connected load, current-source load, triode load, source degeneration), source follower, common-gate stage, cascode stage.
• Differential Amplifiers
Differential amplifier, Single-ended operation, differential operation, basic differential pair, large-signal and small-signal behavior, common-mode response, differential pair with MOS loads,
• Bias Circuits and References
Passive and Active current mirrors, Bandgap References.
• Frequency Response
Frequency response of CS stage, CD stage, CG stage, cascade stage, differential pair. Feedback Topologies, Operational amplifiers: one stage op-amp, two-stage CMOS op-amp, Gain Boosting, Stability and Frequency Compensation

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