Nanoelectronics Computation Lab (NCL) | Department of Electrical Engineering

Nanoelectronics Computation Lab (NCL)

The Nanoelectronics Computation Lab (NCL) facilitates running TCAD simulations at a transistor level and also simulations related to VLSI on-chip interconnects. TCAD stands for Technology CAD, the technology aspect implying process/material technology. In other words, TCAD tools let you simulate the effects of process and material related parameters (etch rate, material work function, channel doping, physical models (and their controlling parameters) for various physical effects like recombination/generation, band-to-band tunneling, etc), by spatially solving the key partial differential equations that govern the physics of semiconductor devices and on-chip interconnects. As of Mar 2022, we have two 3D licenses and three 2D licenses of the Sentaurus and Raphael TCAD tools from Synopsys Inc.


For operational details, please visit the NCL Wiki page