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Organic and Flexible Electronics Lab

Welcome to the web page of the Organic and Flexible Electronics Research Laboratory
With a focus on organic semiconductor materials and devices relevant to large-area and flexible electronics, we investigate the relationship between structure, processing, device structure, and device performance.

Current research areas :

  • Organic Solar Cell: Assessment of novel donor-acceptor materials for improved stability and efficiency.
  • Metal Halide Perovskite Devices: Analysis of alternate hole & electron transporting materials and Interface Engineering for higher stability and efficiency.
  • Fundamental studies on charge transport in organic semiconductor materials and devices.

List of Equipment:

1. Four port Glovebox (GS, Germany purifier attached to Make in India Glove Box) with attached thermal evaporator (HHV) for device fabrication: Organic solar Cells, OFETs and Perovskite solar cells
2. J-V Characterization set-up for Solar cells using Sciencetech solar simulator (AM1.5G, Class AAA) and Keithley 2450/2436B SMU.
3. Analytical balance (Mettler Toledo make)
4. Spin coater ( Apex Instruments, up to 12K RPM and INSTRAS, USA up to 10K RPM)
5. UV Ozone cleaner (BioBee Tech, Bangalore)
6. Desiccator / Dry Cabinet
7. Muffle Furnace ( Nabertherm, Germany Make)
8. Vacuum Oven
9. UV Cabinet
10. Ultra Sonicator
11. Fume Hood
12. laminar Hood
13. Hot Plate
14. Temperature and Humidity meter (Fluke)


Team Members:

Dr. Upendra Kumar Pandey (Principal Investigator)
Kajal Yadav (Ph.D. Student)
Ankita (Ph.D. Student)
Tarun (Ph.D. Student)
Konduru Sandilya (OUR Student)



Dr. Upendra Pandey