Minor | Department of Electrical Engineering


Undergraduate students of the university who are not majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering (from the academic year 2022), Electrical and Electronics Engineering (till the academic year 2021), or in Electronics and Communication Engineering (till the academic year 2021) have the option to take a Minor in the mentioned specializations. A Minor in the Electrical engineering branches that includes a minor in Electrical and Computer Engineering, a minor in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and a minor in Electronics and Communication Engineering can be advantageous to those undergraduate students who wish to augment their major with that of electrical engineering courses. Specifically, the students of other branches of engineering such as computer science, mechanical, civil, and chemical engineering have an opportunity to expand their breadth of study in engineering disciplines and those students from non-engineering branches of study can explore the engineering aspects and applications of their major. A minor in Electrical engineering can help them to acquire academic background for higher studies in the electrical engineering branch and equip them with practical applications of electrical engineering through laboratory and simulation experience.